Telephone Frequently Asked Questions

Telephone Frequently Asked Questions



How to forward phone

  1. On display press Features button (4)
  2. Scroll down to Forward (5 then 7 to select)
  3. Scroll to Forward Unconditional (5 then 7 to select)
  4. Scroll up to toggle the Fwd Unconditional to On.
  5. The system will default to destination.
  6. Press Edit (4) key. Enter the number to forward to
    • 9-1-xxx-xxxx if long distance 
    • 9-xxx-xxxx if a local number.
  7. Then press Save.


Transferring a call to voicemail.

  1. During a call, press the key (11).
  2. You will be prompted to enter the extension you wish to transfer to
  3. Press Select (7).

NOTE:This only works when transferring to voicemail.


How to place a Conference call

  1. Dial the first party.
  2. Once the party is connected, press the Conf button (4).
  3. Dial the next party
  4. When the second party is connected, announce the conference call, and repeat steps 2-3 until everyone is connected.
  5. When all parties are connected, press Conf button (4) again


Using the Phone Directory

  1. To access the phone directory press the button.
  2. Type in the name of the person or department using the numeric keypad (For letters A,B or C press 2, D,E, or F press 3, etc.)
  3. For example, calling the Telecom Dept you would type on the keypad until Telecommunications appears as an option.
  4. Using the softkeys (4) the contact can be called, or more details can be reviewed.


To check your call log

There is a button to left of the keypad. This button will display all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls (scrolling left/right using 5).

If there are missed calls it will be lighted red.


How to program speed dial buttons on your phone

Telecommunications will program speed dial buttons on your phone. Please fill out the attached link. Or call Telecommunications with any questions at x2575.


How to be added to a Call Pick up Group

A call pickup will give the user capability to pick up calls for a different extension.
In order to use this feature, the ringing phone must be heard. Contact Telecom to discuss your options.



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