Recognizing Legitimate Voicemail to Email Messages

When a message is left in a Southeast' telephone extension mailbox, the system will attach a copy of the voice mail message to an email and send it to the owner of the telephone extension. 

In the case of a call center (multiple extensions that answer calls to one number) the emails are typically sent to a shared department email account.

A popular form of phishing emails, is to mimic this voicemail to email message.

Email messages sent from Southeast's system will meet the following criteria.

  1. They will come from – not (which doesn’t exist)
  2. The file attachment will be in the format filename.wav – not filename.wav.html (in this case)
  3. The subject will be in the format “Voicemail Message (CALLER ID > EXTENSION) From: 9999999999
    1. CALLER ID – What appears on caller id when this number calls
    2. EXTENSION – SEMO telephone extension or username of the mailbox the call came to
    3. 9999999999 – The number that called.

Like other phishing emails, if you are concerned that you may have received a phishing email but are unsure, do not click on a link or open an attachment. Instead forward the email to and to have it checked out.


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Thu 9/22/22 9:18 AM
Thu 9/22/22 9:18 AM