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The External Email Flag shown below, will be displayed at the top of an email message whenever it is received from an off-campus address.  Some emails can look like they came from a campus address (i.e., friend@semo.edu), but are actually from an external sender. 

This flag is only an indicator to help you identify unsafe emails.  It doesn't mean the email is unsafe, but alerts you to be careful with some emails. 

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There are a few scenarios to consider when you see the External Mail Flag.

  1.  The most unsafe emails are those that appear to come from a SEMO colleague or director but still have the External Email Flag.  These are typically phishing attempts to steal information or request actions that can lead to stolen credentials, information or money.  They can be as simple as asking "are you available".  If you are unsure, we recommend you start a separate email with the individual's SEMO email address to verify the request.   Don't respond to the sent email or click on any links.   
  2. Not all external email is unsafe.  The University uses several cloud applications (e.g., Canvas) that send emails to campus faculty, staff and students.  We try to exclude most of these known services from the External Email Flag, but we can't exclude all of them.  As with normal external emails, you need to always scrutinize emails that request immediate action that is unexpected or seems abnormal. 
  3. Of course your will receive external emails that you know are external.  They may come from family, vendors, social media notifications, etc.  


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