Computer Lab Policies

The following policies are observed in the I.T. computer labs:

  • Computing resources and facilities are for academic purposes
  • Only I.T. Computer Labs supplied paper is allowed in printers
  • All files are erased when the computer reboots or is turned off; save your files often to an external drive or email the file to yourself
  • Online exams must be started at least 1 hour prior to posted closing times (Labs close at scheduled times)
  • Food or drink is not allowed
  • Telephone use is prohibited (cell phone & lab phone)
  • Labs are study halls - keep the noise level to a minimum
  • Lab assistants are not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Don't forget to log out at the end of your session
  • Please report all computer and printer problems to the lab assistant on duty
  • Students must abide by the computer lab rules, which are enforced by the lab assistant
  • Behavior towards lab users, personnel, and equipment must be respectful
  • Labs are not for teaching purposes


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