Connecting to SoutheastGuest

The SoutheastGuest network is available throughout the Southeast Missouri State Main and River Campuses, with the exception of Residence Halls.

It offers a robust connection for those visiting campus temporarily, allowing them to check email, browse the web, access social media or participate in online meetings via Zoom, etc.

SoutheastGuest is not intended for use by Southeast's active students, faculty and staff.


Connecting to SoutheastGuest 

  1. Select the SSID SoutheastGuest from your device’s list of available wireless networks.

  2. A registration page will open automatically, if not initiate a browser session and you will be redirected

  3. First-time users must complete this page to gain access

    • Create a username

    • Enter a valid email address

    • Enter an SMS (text message) capable phone #

    • Enter your first & last name

    • Click Register

  4. A message will be sent to the email address and phone provided confirming your username and password

  5. Return to the access page

  6. Under the section labeled Existing User's enter the username and password

  7. Click Login

  8. The device will be connected to the Internet


If you have problems or questions, contact the IT Help Desk at (573) 651-4357 or via email at 


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