Requesting Immediate Assistance

Requesting Immediate Assistance

Over the past few years, especially in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, an ever increasing number of classrooms on campus are being outfitted with more up to date classroom technology, including projectors, sound systems, webcams, etc. In addition to quick reference guides posted in the classroom, and website's (like this one) Information Technology has updated the way classroom support is provided.

If you are teaching and the technology installed in the classroom is having issues and you’d like immediate support:

  1. Contact the IT Help Desk at 573.651.4357 or
  2. Be prepared to provide the following information:
    1. Your name
    2. The location (building and room number)
    3. Description of the issue and any steps you have already attempted to correct the issue
  3. The Help Desk technician may offer some additional troubleshooting steps to try in an attempt to resolve the issue.
  4. If these steps do not work, alert the Help Desk technician that you are requesting immediate assistance
    1. Make sure to indicate whether or not it is OK for a technician to interrupt the class to investigate.
    2. Also please provide the ending time for the class, and if the classroom is available afterward.

A ticket will be created in the Help Desk's ticketing system, and all technicians will be alerted via a group chat in Microsoft Teams.

If any technicians are available or are already near the location, they will proceed there as soon as possible to assist.

If you do not require immediate assistance , a ticket will still be created, and a technician will be dispatched after room availability has been determined.

Please include room availability or the person who can provide that information.


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