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SmartEvals is the Faculty Senate approved course evaluation tool used at Southeast.  Note that every class is to have a student evaluation of the class every semester, either by a departmental survey or the broader Faculty Senate approved tool. 
Some caveats regarding this process are as follows:

  • Editing periods for the faculty are offered prior to each scheduled student evaluation period to ensure the evaluations are properly prepared for use by the Promotion and Tenure committees, departments, and faculty uses of the data. 
    • Faculty edit requests: please complete a SmartEval Request by clicking the button at right. These requests can be myriad and not limited to merging sections, classes, undergraduate and graduate cross-sections, etc.
      • Please list the CRNs and preferred merge name.
      • Please adhere to departmental merging practices for courses when filling out a ticket
    • Department Chairs: add/change additional departmental questions or question banks
    • Department Chairs: request departmental evaluations for programs or departments (first come, first serve until we are out of templates on SmartEvals)
    • Special requests 
      • Opt-out (fall and summer only)
        • Spring term (Wintersession, full term, first eight week, second eight week, and full year) classes are required to be on the campus tool.
      • Teaching assistant sections, labs, and/or recitations handled separately
      • Duplicates for different professors depending on how the instructors of record want the evaluations to be processed
      • Team-taught duplications or splitting of the evaluations.
  • Faculty and Departmental Chairs have access to results two days after grades are reported (usually the Wednesday after the grade reporting due date).
  • Students will automatically be emailed when evaluations are open.
2023 Academic Year (Fall 2022, Spring and Summer 2023) Faculty Special Requests Student Access
1st 8 weeks - Fall Sept 19th to October 3rd October 4th to October 11th
2nd 8 weeks and Full Term - Fall Nov 14th - December 2nd December 4th to December 11th
12th weeks and 8 week (aka "Full Term") - Summer July 10th to July 24th July 25th to August 1st
2nd 6 weeks and 3rd 4 weeks - Summer July 10th to July 25th July 26th to August 2nd
2nd 4 weeks - Summer June 12th to June 28th June 29th to July 6th
1st 6 weeks - Summer May 29th to June 13th June 14th to June 21st 

1st 4 weeks - Summer

May 15th to May 30th May 31st to June 7th
1st 8 weeks - Spring February 13th to February 28th March 1st to March 8th
2nd 8 weeks & Spring semester April 3rd to April 28th April 29th to May 7th
2024 Academic Year (Fall 2023, Spring and Summer 2024) Faculty Special Requests Student Access
1st 8 Weeks - Fall 2023 (202410) Sept 19th to Oct 2nd Oct 3rd to Oct 10th ‚Äč
Full Term and 2nd Eight Weeks - Fall 2023 (202410) Nov 16th to Dec 2nd Dec 3rd to Dec 10th
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