Projector Issue


Projector not displaying desktop or laptop image.

1. Check that the projector is on.

2. Check device inputs:

a. Switcher devices vary per room, if in an equipment rack, make sure the PC button is selected. (Laptop for a laptop device)

Note: Laptops can connect to the tech pack computer using AirServer, just run the AirServer application from the desktop, then connect to it wirelessly from the laptop.

b. Desktop Crestron switchers should show a couple green input lights, if there is a red light, select that input.

c. Projector inputs will vary per room, newer setups should be set to HDMI1, older VGA setups will likely be Computer1.

3. Check Display Settings.  This setting will vary per room, only change if incorrectly set to Show only on 1 or Show only on 2

a. Go to Windows (Start Button) - Settings - System - Display.

b. Scroll down to Multiple Displays, should be either Duplicate these displays or Extend these displays.


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Thu 9/16/21 10:59 AM
Thu 9/16/21 11:32 AM