Downloading Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Apps


This article describes the process of downloading and installing Microsoft Office 365 desktop apps to a Windows PC. Downloading and installing these apps on a Mac computer will be similar. For tablets, phones and other mobile devices, visit the appropriate app store.

This software is available to current Southeast students and staff.



Under the Microsoft Campus Agreement with Southeast Missouri State University, Office 365 is available for free download to all Southeast enrolled students and current employees.

For graduating students, they will maintain access for approximately one year after graduation, at which time their access to all Office 365 products (including university email account and OneDrive) will be disabled.

For retirees, though access to email (and therefore the web version of Outlook) will be maintained in perpetuity, access to the other desktop apps (including OneDrive) will be disabled after their retirement date. 

Note: Students, Faculty, and Staff are not permitted to install Office 365 on any campus PCs. Office 365 should only be installed on personal machines.

Download & Install Office

Step 1. Open a web browser and navigate to

Step 2. Login using Southeast email account and password

Step 3. On the main dashboard locate the button labeled Install Office and click it.

Step 4. Locate and run the downloaded installation program

Step 5. Wait for the installation process to complete

Step 6. Click Close to exit the installation program

Note: In most cases Office 365 will automatically be activated after opening an Office application for the first time. If not, please follow the instructions that Microsoft provides on how to activate your copy of Office.



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