The SoutheastGameNet network will allow game console (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, etc.) users to bypass the Secure NAT type on our Resnet wireless network. This allows users to be able to access specific features for online games, chatting, and hosting games on campus.

NOTE: The wireless network is a shared network and may be impacted by heavy traffic at peak usage times.

To connect to SoutheastGameNet, please do the following:



  1. Locate the game console’s Wireless MAC Address. (For more information on locating game console network settings, please check with your device manufacturer or search online for your device, or contact the I.T. Help Desk)
  2. On a computer that is already registered and connected to SoutheastResnet, navigate to
  3. Enter the Wireless MAC Address, i.e. example: A1:B2:C3:… .
  4. On your game console select the SoutheastGameNet wireless network.
  5. Enter the password E7ssxp4SS73F (NOTE: This password will be periodically changed. If your password fails, please check this guide for an updated password).
  6. Power off the game console for at least 2 minutes and then turn it back on.  Step 7: The game console should now be connected to the network.


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