Wireless Access - macOS and Mac OS X

Southeast offers high-speed wireless connectivity to most residence halls, offices, and academic buildings on-campus. Computers with modern wireless adapters can connect to Southeast's network via SoutheastResNet and SoutheastSecure


Step 1: Click the Wi-Fi icon in the Menu Bar at the top, or click on the Control Center and select "Wi-Fi".

Step 2: Click SoutheastResnet (for the dorms) or SoutheastSecure (for academic buildings).

Step 3: In the User Name text box, type your Southeast Key. In the Password text box, type your Southeast Key password. Make sure 802.1x is set to Automatic.

Step 4: Click OK

Step 5: Click Continue to verify the server certificate pop-up. Note: It may take a moment before this window pops up.

Step 6: In the Password text box, type your device password and click OK

Step 7: On the device, open a web browser and visit http://splat.semo.edu/

Step 8: Sign in with your SE Key and Password--just like signing into the Southeast Portal or a university computer.

Step 9: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press "I accept". A message should appear that says "Registration Complete. Please reboot the machine."

Step 10: Restart the device. Once restarted, the computer should be able to connect to the Internet via SoutheastResNet or SoutheastSecure from anywhere on-campus; to test this, try visiting a site like https://google.com/ or any other non-university site.


Additional Notes

Users only have to visit http://splat.semo.edu/ once to register the device--if it is registered while on SoutheastSecure, the device will simultaneously be registered on SoutheastResNet.



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