Scheduling Class Sessions in Zoom

Scheduling Your Class Sessions in Zoom

The simplest way to create a class period meeting for the entire semester is as follows:

  1. Visit from your browser or open the Zoom app, if installed and sign in using your Southeast Email and Password.
  2. Under the Personal section of the sidebar menu, click Meetings.
  3. In your Meetings window, click on Schedule a Meeting.
  4. Enter your Topic name, i.e., your Class name and section.
  5. Enter a description, i.e., weekly course access for Fall 2020.
  6. If you have a template saved with the settings you prefer, you can select the template name, i.e., Office Hours or Class Meeting template.
  7. Choose the length of your class meeting under Duration.
  8. Choose Recurring meeting. This will provide you with Recurrence, Repetition, and End Date entries. Under Recurrence, one option for the drop down menu is No Fixed Time. If you choose No Fixed Time, your meeting id will be the same meeting ID for the entire semester. This option will provide the easiest access for both you and the students.


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