Articles (11)

Initial Zoom Set Up for Faculty

This article provides recommendations for faculty members setting up Zoom for the first time.

Recording Zoom Sessions

This article discusses recording Zoom sessions and making them available to students for viewing.

Scheduling Class Sessions in Zoom

This article outlines the basics of scheduling recurring classes in Zoom.

Security Considerations for Zoom Sessions

Recommended security settings for Zoom meetings.

Sound Issue with Zoom

Determine source of the sound issue, then resolve through simple troubleshooting steps.

Starting Zoom Class

This article discusses basics of how to start a Zoom class

Zoom Accounts and Logging In

This article discusses the different type of Zoom accounts, how to request an account, and how to login.

Zoom and FERPA

This article provides information on how Zoom complies with Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Zoom Tips for Faculty

This article lists some tips for faculty in how to control and engage students during Zoom sessions.

Zoom Tips To Help Students

This article provides tips for faculty on how they can enhance their student's experience with Zoom.