Starting Zoom Class

Starting Your Class

  1. Two start-up options:
  • Under the Personal section of the sidebar menu: Click Meetings
  • Locate the meeting in your list of Upcoming Meetings.
  • Click the Start button for that meeting


  • If you placed the meeting on your calendar, go to your calendar and click on the Join Zoom meeting link.
  • Your meeting window will launch.
  1. Within a meeting, the Zoom video conferencing interface appears, presenting a toolbar when you place your mouse inside the meeting window, with the following options from left to right:
    • Mute/Unmute Microphone
    • Microphone/Speaker Settings - enabling further device and volume control
    • Stop/Start Video
    • Video Options – enabling further device options or features like virtual backgrounds
    • Invite - enables invitation through text or link
    • Manage Participants – allows administration of other users, such as muting and locking
    • Polls - allows you to add questions
    • Share Screen
    • Screen Sharing Settings - controls how many and who may share their screens
    • Chat - controls private and group chat features
    • Record - enables recording of meeting A/V content
    • Breakout Rooms - for professional licenses, allows breaking the meeting up into small groups
    • End Meeting


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