Zoom Tips for Faculty

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Zoom Tips for Faculty

Here are a few tips to control and engage students during Zoom sessions:

  • Require self-identification from students.
  • Set a standard of etiquette, as well as microphone awareness of mute/unmuting, remain attentive, refrain from eating, etc.
  • Maintain eye contact with the camera while teaching with Zoom, the camera is the class!
  • Speak as you would in a traditional face-to-face class.
  • Define goals and objectives for each session.
  • Avoid using the whiteboard, glare and recording quality can make it difficult for students to see.
  • All content should be presented using the Zoom Share My Screen feature.
  • Always have a backup plan in case of unexpected technical issues or difficulties.
  • It is faculty choice if students must be on a campus to participate in a Zoom class. If you don't require your students to be present in a classroom, consider reserving a classroom where students can participate if their technology fails or time between classes prohibits travel.


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