Canvas announcements and improvements from Instructure

On September 16th Canvas/Instructure will be pushing out a broad update that addresses several issues and provides some new functionality.  Instructure continues to address many of the stability issues with New Quizzes.  To address all the various questions, they have put out an FAQ on the new published and stabilized elements in a Google Doc.

A few of the highlights of these releases include:

  1. Respondus now works with New Quizzes.
  2. The Hot Spot question type is now available in New Quizzes, but it is not fully accessible for some screen readers.
  3. They are working on the transition of questions found in Question Banks being moved to Item Banks in New Quizzes.

The full release that includes guides for some features can be found here:

IT and CTL will provide information on new features and updates to Canvas as they are released and as we receive information on these updates.  If you have any questions, please contact



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