Remote Computer Labs - iPad/iPhone

Remotely Accessing SEMO Computer Lab PC from iPad/iPhone

STEP 1: Setup Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> VPN.
  2. Tap Add VPN Configuration
  3. Tap Type. Select L2TP and tap Back
  4. Tap Description and enter SEMO STUDENT VPN
  5. Tap Server and enter
  6. Tap Account and enter your SE Key
  7. Tap Password and enter your SE Key Password.
  8. Tap Secret and enter Your Bj6Q7gCymVfYZqpsAx19
  9. Make sure the Send All Traffic switch is ON.
  10. Tap Done.

To connect to the VPN, from the Home Screen, tap Settings and in the first section of settings, switch the VPN switch ON.

When it connects, you’ll see a “VPN” symbol appear like below: