Dialing International Calls


Since February 2022, an authorization code is needed to be able to place international phone calls. Before making an international call, make sure you have a code and follow the directions below. If you currently don't have a code assigned to you and your office needs to be able to call internationally, please contact telecom@semo.edu.


Step 1. Dialing 9011

To make an international call, 9011 has to be dialed. The phone will display the text Enter Authcode.

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Step 2. Authorization Code

The 6 digit authorization code has to be dialed followed by the # key. The phone will continue beeping until the # is entered or the phone is hung up. The authorization code is not bound to the extension, it can be used on any SEMO VoIP phone.


Step 3. Country Code and Phone Number

After the 6 digit authorization code and the # have been entered, the phone will display the user name and change to green phone icon.

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Now you can dial the Country Code and the Phone Number. It can take some seconds for the call to be connected. You can search country codes here


If you need further assistance, please contact telecom@semo.edu.


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