Using OneDrive to backup documents, files and folders

OneDrive, as mentioned in a previous article, is a cloud-based storage service that is included with all active Southeast Office 365 accounts, and provides 5 TB of cloud-based storage.

It also provides a "sync client" application which provides an excellent way to back up important documents, files and folders from the computer's local hard drive.

Using OneDrive Backup

  1. Select the blue cloud icon in the Windows notification area on the lower right of your task bar.  One Drive Icon

  2. A dialog box should appear

  3. Click on the then select Settings, then Backup > Manage backup.

  1. Select the folders that you want to back up. Select Start backup.

The backup process will begin immediately, copying an initial copy of the files selected. This can take up to several hours to complete, depending on how much is being backed up.

After the initial backup is completed, OneDrive will incrementally backup files as they are changed.


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