OneDrive - What is it and Which one is installed?

What is OneDrive?

All active Southeast Office 365 accounts have access to OneDrive for Business, which is a cloud-based file storage system, providing 5 Terabytes of storage. OneDrive is accessible from anywhere via an Internet connection and an active Southeast Office 365 account.

OneDrive storage is cloud-based and is therefore accessible via a web browser. However, OneDrive also provides a desktop "sync client" application that creates a folder on the computer's local hard drive, that can be synchronized with the cloud storage. This provides an excellent method of backing up your local computer's documents, files and folders.

OneDrive for Business vs OneDrive (personal)

Microsoft provides two versions of cloud-based storage:  OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.

  • OneDrive ™  is available to personal Office 365 accounts (free or paid) and provides a minimum of 2 GB of cloud-based storage.
  • OneDrive for Business ™ is available through Southeast Office 365 accounts and provides 5 TB of cloud-based storage that is integrated into all the applications within the Office 365 suite of applications - Outlook, Teams, etc.

When this article refers to "OneDrive" it is referring to the latter version, OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive is included on all university-owned Windows-based computers through the university's Office 365 license. Before proceeding to setup OneDrive to backup files, please verify that OneDrive for Business is installed. This can be verified by looking at the taskbar.

Near the time/date in the lower-right of the screen you may see a cloud icon. By looking at this icon and it's color, the version can be determined.

NOTE: You might need to select the Show hidden icons arrow ( The Show hidden icons button. or The Show Hidden Icons arrow in Windows 8. ) next to the notification area to see the OneDrive icon.

Once the OneDrive cloud icon has been located, hover the mouse over the icon

If you see:

A white icon with the hover text: "OneDrive - Personal" then you are using the OneDrive sync client

If you see:

A blue icon with the hover text: "OneDrive - Southeast Missouri State University" then you are using the "OneDrive for Business sync client"

If the icon has a slash through it, or if it appears greyed-out, then you may not be signed into your Southeast account.

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