Guidelines for new computer purchases and upgrades.

NOTE: This article provides information for university faculty & staff regarding purchasing new or upgrading existing University-owned computing equipment. This article DOES NOT address questions from parents and students regarding personally owned computers for their use on campus. Please see Related Articles for this topic.


If you have a computer with a red tag that is lower than 178999, you should evaluate your options for replacement or upgrade.  If your computer doesn't meet the criteria for replacement, but is still running slow, contact the Help Desk to schedule an evaluation of that system for repair or upgrade.

1. ITC Replacement

a. Any current faculty or staff's primary computer qualifies for free replacement if their computer has a red tag lower than 178999.  ITC replacements don't cover auxiliary or grant funded positions.  If a new position is being created, the department is expected to fund the purchase of the first computer, ITC funding will cover future upgrades and replacements.

b. Replacement computers will contain the following base specifications, any changes, upgrades, or additional peripherals including monitors will be charged to the department.  (See attached Ace Contract)

  • Ace desktop or Apple MacMini
  • Intel Core i5
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD

c. Laptops are only partially covered up to the price of a base Ace desktop (currently $670), and only if it is being used as the primary PC.

2. Special order computers or laptops?

a. Submit a request to the Help Desk with a description of what you would like to purchase along with a brief description of the purpose.  Please provide a quote if possible.

b. A technician will work with you to evaluate the request and provide quote(s).


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