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This article provides information on downloading IBM SPSS. All active Southeast students and faculty may download SPSS to personal devices. SPSS is available for Windows PC's and Macbooks.
Basic guidelines for new university-owned computer equipment purchases and upgrades. For information regarding hardware purchase recommendations for students, please see Related Articles.
This article answers frequently asked questions related to the campus telephone service.
Maintaining up to date personal information on the Portal is important for a variety of reasons. This article will outline the types of information that can be maintained within the MySoutheast Portal.
This article describes the process of downloading and installing Microsoft Office 365 desktop apps to a Windows PC. Downloading and installing these apps on a Mac computer will be similar. For tablets, phones and other mobile devices, visit the appropriate app store.

This software is available to current Southeast students and staff.
This article will demonstrate how to setup a Window's computer (i.e. office desktop) to allow it be remotely accessed.
This article demonstrates using the Remote Desktop Utility to connect to a remote Windows computer.
Frequently Asked Questions regarding campus voicemail.
This article describes the features of Visual Voicemail from an Avaya phone.
This article provides instructions for accessing voicemail via any phone.