Lab Printing


Students are allocated $21 for printing at the beginning of each semester. If students exceed their printing balance, they will be billed through the University. Students are able to check their balance by navigating to Portal and clicking the Student tab. 

Printing Steps

  1. After instructing the program to print, the user can change the destination to either color or black and white, depending on the lab location.
  2. A dialog box will appear requesting a Southeast Key and password
  3. Click OK

The amount that will be deducted from your prepaid printing balance, or added to your student account if you have reached your prepaid limit, will be shown.

Print Charges

Each semester, students will receive a $21 credit. After the prepaid copies have been exhausted, printing will be charged to the student’s account at $.07 per single - sided page or $0.10 per double - sided page and $.70 per color page.

Students may continue to print once the $21 print credit has been exhausted. Any balance owed will be billed to the student at the end of each semester.

Printing Balances

Prepaid printing balances are reset to 300 pages at the end of each semester. Unused balances from previous semesters are not carried forward.


  • Think before you click on print! Do you need a copy or can you just view the information?

  • Preview and make revisions before printing.

  • Files printed from inside Canvas are printed using the web frame within the browser. If you are printing a file (.pdf, Word, etc.) from the LMS, it is recommended you download the file locally to the computer before printing.

  • Copy only sections needed, then paste into one document and print.

  • PowerPoint users can print 6 slides per page

  • Reduce PowerPoint slides to an outline: click File, Send to, Word Document. A 27 slide presentation will reduce to 7 pages of text. Reducing the font size is also recommended.

  • Resize charts and graphics to fit more than one per page.


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