Wireless Access - Android

**NOTE** Before attempting this process, please disable your mobile data connection until the registration process is completed.

Step 1: Open Settings
Step 2: Navigate to Wireless & Networks setting, and open Wi-Fi
Step 3. Select SoutheastSecure or SoutheastResNet
Step 4. Change the EAP Method to PEAP
Step 5. Change the Phase 2 Authentication method to MSCHAPV2
Step 6. Change the CA certificate to Do not Validate.
             If Do not Validate is not an option, choose Use System Certificate and set the Domain to "semo.edu"
             Set Online Certificate Status to Don't Validate
Step 7. In the Identity field, type your SE Key.
             In the Password field, type your Password.
Step 8. Tap Connect.
Step 9. Open a web browser and visit splat.semo.edu
Step 10.  Enter your SE Key and Password.
Step 11. Read the usage policy and click I Accept at the bottom of the page.
Step 12.  Restart the device.

 Once restarted, the computer should be able to connect to the Internet via SoutheastResNet or SoutheastSecure from anywhere on-campus; to test this, try visiting a site like https://google.com/ or any other non-university site.

Additional Notes

Users only have to visit http://splat.semo.edu/ once to register the device--if it is registered while on SoutheastSecure, the device will simultaneously be registered on SoutheastResNet.




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