Zoom Accounts and Logging In

Zoom Accounts

There are two types of accounts: Basic and Pro.

  • Basic accounts are free but come with 40 minute hosting limitations for more than 2 total participants.
    • Basic accounts are available to all current faculty, staff and students by using their Southeast email account
      • Visit http://semo.zoom.us and click Sign in     OR
      • If the Zoom meeting app is installed, start the app, click the sign in with SSO option
      • Either option will cause a basic account to be created.
  • Pro accounts will allow you to host classes or conference sessions without time limitations.
    • Pro accounts are provided at no cost to the department (while available)
    • Normally Pro accounts are only provided to faculty and staff who have a need to host meetings/classes that last over 40 minutes
    • Students may be provided a Pro license if they have a specific need such as online tutoring or providing services within a campus unit or department.

Click here to Request a Zoom Pro account (you'll be required to login using your SEMO email address). Please allow up to 24 hours for account creation.

IMPORTANT: Participants in Zoom meetings (students and/or attendees) do not require either type of Zoom account.
Instead, attendees will use the information provided by the host to connect to the session.

See the attached document - Joining A Zoom Meeting.


Logging Into Zoom

Zoom is available through Office 365, the Zoom website or the Zoom desktop/mobile app.

Office 365

  • Open a web browser, and visit http://office.semo.edu
  • Login using your Southeast credentials
  • Click on All Apps
  • Click on the Zoom App icon
  • Click on Sign In

Zoom Website

  • Open a web browser, and visit http://semo.zoom.us
  • Click Sign In
  • Login using your Southeast credentials

Zoom Meetings App

  • If the Zoom app is installed on your computer or mobile device
  • Start the app 
  • Click the sign in with SSO option
  • Login using your Southeast credentials


If you have further questions contact the IT Help Desk at 573.651.4357 or helpdesk@semo.edu


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