Microsoft Teams is a great tool for collaboration and communication. It features file sharing, project organization, spontaneous and scheduled meetings, and integration with other Office 365 applications. All Southeast personnel with an active Office 365 account has access to Teams through a web browser or desktop application. 

This article is an overview of the basic features of Teams. Other articles go into more detail about the different functions and features of Microsoft Teams. 


Creating and Populating a Team

  1. Navigate to or open the Teams desktop application
  2. Sign-in with your Southeast email and password
  3. Select Teams on the left-hand side
  4. Select 'Join or create team' 
  5. Click 'Create a team'
  6. Select team type
    • Note: The type of team will determine the permissions of the owner and members. For equal permissions, select 'Professional Learning Community.' To limit member's writing permission, select either 'Staff' or 'Class.' 
  7. Add members using their Southeast email address. 



Channels are used to organize files and conversations. They are especially useful for projects, groups, and units. 

To add a channel: 

  1. Select the three dots next to your Team's name.
  2. Click Add channel
  3. Name and set the privacy for the new channel
    • Note: Standard privacy makes the channel available to everyone. Private is only for specific team members
  4. Click Create



Tabs are useful for displaying frequently used applications or documents.

  1. In a channel located the plus icon at the end of the tabs
  2. Add a Microsoft 356 application or other popular applications

To make a document stored in the files folder a tab:

  1. Open the file tab
  2. Locate the document
  3. Select the three dots 
  4. Click 'Make this a tab'


Scheduling a Meeting

  1. In a channel, select the drop-down arrow next to Meet. 
  2. Click 'Schedule a meeting'
  3. Add a title to the meeting
  4. Add required attendees. 
  5. Set the frequency of the meeting
  6. Add the Channel location of the meeting. 
    • Note: If you remove the location option, the meeting will default to online. 
  7. Add the location of the meeting or leave this blank if the meeting is online


Uploading/Creating Files

  1. In a channel located the tab Files, which is next to the name of the channel
  2. Select Upload to add files from your hard drive to the channel
  3. To create a file in the channel, select New
  4. Click the type of file to create
  5. Name the document




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