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Some Mac users may receive an error message when attempting to open a Microsoft Office document, spreadsheet or presentation file. The error states that the user's account "doesn't allow editing on a Mac." This article will provide steps for resolving this issue
When traveling outside the US, the current multi-factor authentication (MFA) method may not be available. To ensure uninterrupted account access, it's advisable to setup an alternate method.
Microsoft Teams is a wonderful and powerful collaboration tool. Team members can share files, chat, hold audio or video calls, etc. all from within Teams. All active Southeast students, faculty and staff have access to Teams through the University's Office 365 license. However, sometimes Team organizers need to involve people from outside SEMO to participate in a Team. This article will explain the process of adding users outside SEMO to a Team.
If a user is concerned that they might send a message before they are truly ready to send it, an automatic delay can be introduced to every sent message to allow an opportunity to correct mistakes before sending.
These instructions will walk through the process of adding a Southeast Office 365 account to an Android device. While we highly recommend downloading the Microsoft Outlook app for managing Southeast email accounts and calendars, this can come in handy if it is desired to have Southeast events and/or contacts to appear within other apps on the device.
This article will provide detailed instructions for adding a Southeast email account to an Apple iOS device (iphone, iPad, etc.)
This article discusses the use of Microsoft Office 365 applications on a Chromebook
This article describes the process of downloading and installing Microsoft Office 365 desktop apps to a Windows PC. Downloading and installing these apps on a Mac computer will be similar. For tablets, phones and other mobile devices, visit the appropriate app store.

This software is available to current Southeast students and staff.