Initial Zoom Set Up for Faculty

Initial Zoom Setup for Faculty

  1. For each device you use to originate a Zoom session/class, you will need to go through the following steps initially, or for a one (1) time event only.
  2. Ensure any necessary Audio/Visual equipment is connected, i.e., webcam or camera, microphone.
  3. Log in, using your Southeast credentials, through your Office 365 account>All Apps>Zoom or
  4. After logging in, scroll to the bottom footer of the website to Support>Test Zoom. This will prompt you to download the client and test your hardware
  5. Locate downloaded .exe file and run the installation program.
  6. To set your meeting/session preferences:
    • Under the Personal section of the sidebar menu: Click Profile.
    • See the attached document - Zoom Setup Recommendations.
    • Review the Profile setting recommendations in this document to help make your profile choices.
    • Click Settings under the Personal sidebar menu.
    • Using the Zoom Set up Recommendations document, make your settings choices

You may want to review that attached document Tips 2 Deter Zoom Bombing while setting up your Zoom sessions.


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Zoom is a video/audio-conferencing platform that is used for virtual meetings and to connect remote locations and learners to live classroom lectures and activities. Zoom integrates with the campus LMS, Canvas, and allows instructors to schedule classroom sessions and record lectures.