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Southeast has made several investments into classroom technologies that facilitate remote and online teaching.  Zoom is an audio conferencing platform that is used to connect remote locations and learners to live classroom lectures and activities.  Zoom integrates with the campus LMS, Canvas, and allows instructors to schedule classroom sessions and record lectures.

We have 20 classrooms on the main campus as well as the Sikeston, Kennett, and Poplar Bluff campuses that have Zoom Room technology.  Each Zoom room has both an instructor and student view camera and ceiling microphones.  The microphones are always on and the default camera view is on the student audience. There is a touch screen controller in each room that controls the zoom session and integrates the audio, video and presentation materials.  Each room has front and back displays for showing remote locations and presentation materials.  The Zoom Room controller is also used to schedule locations for classroom instruction.  Information Technology schedules the different locations each semester based on the instruction schedule set in Banner. Zoom Room technology uses these schedules to automatically start and stop zoom sessions for remote instruction and to automatically record the sessions in the Zoom cloud.  These rooms are setup for students at remote locations to attend a class without an instructor present; the class will automatically start and connect to the instructor site. 

Classroom sessions are automatically recorded in the Zoom cloud under the instructor's zoom account.  Instructors can view these schedules in Zoom; import schedules into their Canvas course/calendar; setup virtual office hours; and share recordings. 

Once the class has started, the instructor only needs to use the touch screen to bring up the Zoom menu and using the ... more option switch cameras to the Instructor camera and then use the Share Screen option to share content from the classroom tech pack. You can also share content from an iPad or other device.   Classroom are also equipped with a Document Camera (Elmo) that can be used to share dynamic content. 

Zoom Rooms
Main Campus Kennett Sikeston Poplar Bluff
Dempster 025​
Dempster 108​
Dempster 109​
Polytech 306
Scully 111
Scully 410
Kennett 104​
Kennett 107​
Kennett 115​
Kennett 117​
Kennett 123​
Kennett 124​
Kennett 128
Sikeston 110​
Sikeston 116​
Sikeston 117​
Sikeston 203​
Sikeston 212
Sikeston 217​
Sikeston 229​
Sikeston 231
Poplar Bluff 105​
Poplar Bluff 208

In addition to Zoom Rooms, there are several classrooms on campus that are Zoom Ready. Zoom Ready Rooms are equipped with a high end instructor camera and ceiling microphones, but do not have the Zoom Room technology for scheduling and automatically starting and ending classes.  These rooms are primarily used for originating online instruction.   Instructors will use the classroom Tech Pack computer to login to Zoom and start a remote session.   If the instructor can start the online session from within Zoom or from Canvas if they have imported their Zoom schedule.  If you are teaching online using Zoom, we recommend using one of these locations.  

Zoom Ready Rooms
Academic Hall 206​
Brandt 016
Carnahan 202​
Crisp 105
Dempster 001
Dempster 003​
Dempster 026​
Dempster 105
Dempster 124
Dempster 125
Dempster 126
Dempster 127
Dempster 128​
Grauel 111​
​Grauel 235
Grauel 240
Grauel 244
Johnson Hall 101
Johnson Hall 200
Johnson Hall 219
Johnson Hall 221
Johnson Hall 223​
Pacific Hall 109
Pacific Hall 210
Polytech 201​
Polytech 204
Polytech 218
RC Art Building 104​
RC Seminary  257​
Sikeston 106
Scully 103
Scully 104
Scully 112
Scully 113
Scully 209
Scully 302
Scully 305/306
Scully 312
Scully 324
Scully 413​
Scully 419​
Scully 423

If you need assistance using Zoom for remote instruction; have questions about these classrooms; or would like to make changes to your Zoom schedule, please contact Academic Technologies at 573-986-6880.  You can also contact the IT Help Desk at 573-651-4357.


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Zoom is a video/audio-conferencing platform that is used for virtual meetings and to connect remote locations and learners to live classroom lectures and activities. Zoom integrates with the campus LMS, Canvas, and allows instructors to schedule classroom sessions and record lectures.