Recording Zoom Sessions

Recording Zoom Sessions

When you are teaching in a classroom and using Zoom to record and engage with remote students; you don’t have time to upload that recording and share it with your students before the next class begins. However, if you record your lecture to the cloud, it is automatically available on your Zoom account to share with your students via Canvas. When you start a Zoom meeting, just select Record to the Cloud on the Record option.

To access your cloud recordings, can login to and select Recordings on the left menu to see a list of your Cloud Recordings. There is a Share option on the left to get a link to the recording for your students.

NOTE: By default, all recordings have a passcode assigned. You can change and share that passcode, or if you like, you can turn the passcode off.

Storing recordings to the cloud is easy and convenient, but it isn’t unlimited or free. We have purchased additional storage, but it is still limited. We ask that you help us manage our overall storage use by limiting the number of recordings you keep in the cloud. One approach would be to leave your recordings in the cloud for up to two weeks for your students to review; then download it to your local computer and delete it from the cloud. You can also upload the recordings to Office 365 Stream or Canvas Studio for longer term storage if you want your students to continue to have access to them.

This video will demonstrate how to download a cloud recording and then upload it to Canvas Studio. You need to login to Office 365 to watch the video:

If you are planning to record video using Zoom, but not in a classroom, please record to your local computer if possible. Then you can upload that video to Canvas Studio or Office 365 Stream. We would like to prioritize the use of cloud storage for classroom use when there is little time to retrieve and post videos.


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Zoom is a video/audio-conferencing platform that is used for virtual meetings and to connect remote locations and learners to live classroom lectures and activities. Zoom integrates with the campus LMS, Canvas, and allows instructors to schedule classroom sessions and record lectures.