SEMO User Account Issues

Southeast ID and SE Key

When a student is accepted, or an employee is hired, they are assigned a Southeast ID # and SE Key.

  • The Southeast ID # is a unique 7 digit identifier that begins with an S0<zero>. This ID # stays with the individual throughout their relationship with the university.
  • The SE Key serves as the student's/employee's username for many technology-based systems at the University, and the first part of the user's university email address -

The Southeast ID # is used to activate the SE Key. During the activation process, a password is created for the SE Key account. Within a few minutes of activation, the user's university email address is activated, using the same password that was created during activation.

Used for Access

The SE Key is used to access the following:

  • Campus Wi-Fi
  • Campus computers
  • Student printing

The university email account is used to access a variety of services using Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Office 365
  • Banner
  • Canvas (online classes)
  • mySEMO Portal
  • Zoom
  • ... many others

Information Security

In addition to account passwords, the university utilizes multi-factor authentication (MFA) to further protect against unauthorized account access.

The university provides a self-help password reset facility, which allows users to reset their account password 24/7 without any involvement by university IT personnel. The user's personal contact information (cell phone and/or personal email address) is used by the facility to grant access to change the password. This information can be managed by the user through the mySEMO Portal.

Issues related to MFA should be directed to the IT Help Desk.


I need help with my Southeast account

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