Accounts, Passwords and Security

Articles related to: Southeast Key; Password management; Office 365 & Email; Guest & Generic Accounts; Information Security & MFA

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Southeast Keys

Articles related to Southeast Key (SE Key) activation and management.

Password Management

Articles on the policies and best practices for passwords at Southeast.

Office 365

Articles related to Office 365 accounts: Email & accessing online versions of Office apps, desktop apps.

Guest Access

Articles related to guests to campus and their access to Southeast network resources

Generic Accounts

Articles related to user accounts that are associated with a department, student workers, or other generic situations.


Articles related to the implementation of and issues with multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Security Best Practices

Articles related to Information Security i.e. phishing, compromised accounts, and tips for keeping your account safe

IT Security Policies and Administration

Articles specific to the processes, methods, and policies used to ensure cybersecurity at Southest.